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Dystopian Isolation Computer Hacker Girl Painting Sonya Allen

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

I don't know about you but the pandemic has made me so much more engaged with all my computers. I am always looking at my phone, Instagram, games, webpages, podcasts, and Netflix. Or does that make me computer obsessed? Or am I really just being swallowed up by technology, buried by all the electrical stimulus, apps, and devices that surround me instead of human contact? All of those terms may apply. And I am not alone in my isolation.

Sociologists are now studying the increase of isolation and its relationship with different forms of technological advancements.

Is technology advantageous to the human condition or hiding the fraying edges of a dystopian reality? Are computer robotic advancements comparable to handguns? The NRA slogan is, "It is not gun that kills people, but people that kill people." Will it be just the owner of the robots that take away employees jobs or will it be the robot's algorithm that determines the job function is obsolete? Therefore, the employee is also obsolete.

This painting ponders these questions. Is the girl digging through old cases after an EMP pulse destroyed modern technology looking for circuitry that is still salvageable? Is she hiding from the robotic overlords amidst computer rubble hoping not to be discovered? Is she a slave required to pick through computer trash after an apocalyptic event? So I painted an image reflecting these dire thoughts with the hope that greater minds might prevail and keep disaster at bay.


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