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Surfing Sloths and Painting Surrealism

Art people are passionate. Some enjoy eating and painting a variety of foods. Some enjoy nature scenes and painting what is real. And then there are the surreal artists of the world. These are the individuals that let their mind explode, implode, and dream of endless possibilities. What if the neurons of your brain were cobbled together like the strands of a peacock feather? What if computers melted into the landscape? What if Sloths, the slow algae covered mammals, could ride a surfboard? These are somethings that we as surrealist artists contemplate.

Salvador Dali with his twirling iconic mustache and overtly sensational personality typify surrealism. He is the embodiment of the art movement. His pink egg covered castle in Spain and black and white movie of re-birthing scenes and donkeys in pianos are something that everyone should experience on YouTube. The singer, Lady Gaga defiantly takes inspiration from him for some of her more sensational, slightly notorious customs and music video ideas. And why shouldn't she? She is visually expressing inner dream-like visions in her musical art form. Surrealism is a visual experience that doesn't always make you happy but it does make you think.

One of my favorites is Belgian surrealist René Magritte from the 1950's. He did visual puzzles in his art. These images bemuse and surprise the viewer, like when he made a scene of expressionless bowler-hatted men falling like rain drops. The images take the viewer by surprise and make them rethink what they are seeing. Is that really stoic men in suits falling from the sky instead of rain? What? His are often funny to see.

I also like to make my viewers laugh. So I'm doing a series of paintings of animals surfing and doing water sports. My first 2 are complete and are both of surfing sloths. These crazy weird looking animals are a perfect contrast for the normal athletic humans that usually ride the waves. So, may your day be filled with laughter and surrealist images.

If you come up with any other ideas of great animal to make doing something impossible in the water, please shoot me a quick email at


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